A Whole New World...

My very first blog post on the new site. I'm planning to make various posts about what I'm up to every so often. I can't promise they'll make sense, but they will at least be interesting!


3/2/20241 min read

My very first blog entry! This experience is and has been something very new for me. I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur and sell my work and teach, but I have never taken that leap, until now.

I have waded through all the first steps of creating an L.L.C. and dealing with everyone's least favourite thing, taxes. I have a wonderful business coach helping me along the way and my family is supportive of my idea. I'm making this leap to challenge myself, and to start fresh with dream and a lot of art supplies. I'm expecting a fair challenge. I'm expecting the most challenge from myself, so we'll have to deal with me when the time comes, lol.

I am now beginning to create more things to fill out my store. It's been a long time since I've stretched these muscles and it feels pretty good to be creating again. I do have a fair bit of jewelry and trinkets I've made in the past, and you'll find those up in the store in due time.

That's about all I've got for now so I'll end this here and check in with you on my journey later.

Safe travels,